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thinking + execution for sport & outdoor brands

Unparalleled Consulting provides strategic and collaborative partner services to drive revenue opportunities for sport and outdoor brands.

We build new networks for your company while leveraging long-term relationships to support strategic initiatives and sales.

We grow your business through direct sales, strategic alliances, and partnership development.

As skilled communicators, we encourage innovation and help in capital connecting to facilitate expansion when needed.


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Providing direction or perspective for yourself or others requires seeing a discrepancy, developing and creating understanding, and ultimately cutting through to simplicity and solutions. A mindset that can think in this strategic manner takes time to mature and contains uncomfortable learnings along the way, and requires a diversity of experience. We bring this skilled thinking process to our conversations and your challenges, including acting as the following:
  • A strategic sounding board for your ideas and frustrations
  • A collaborative partner to explore revenue-driving opportunities
  • Skilled communicators that companion you to be innovative  
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We’ve cultivated a diverse network of valuable people worldwide. One connection from years prior can be of great influence for a problem you’re trying to solve today. Looking at your relationships within this broader ecosystem context, you appreciate that anyone or business can play a role in your success and vice versa. What this means for you is:
  • Building a new network for your company
  • Leveraging long-term relationships to support strategic initiatives
  • Reaching out to existing or new contacts to drive sales
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Whether in business or life, it’s in the execution of your ideas, strategies or plans where the rubber meets the road. It’s where your product or service “tests” can be validated, and answers, whether through failures or successes, are found. Execution isn’t always smooth, or within the time frame you expect or want, but when combined with consistency, results follow. We can executive on the following for you: 
  • New business utilization and direct sales 
  • Strategic alliance and partnership development 
  • Capital connecting to facilitate growth





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