thinking + execution for sport & outdoor brands

My career spans 15+ years with expertise in strategic consulting, alliance-building and continental and global business development.

Having worked across a mix of industries including retail, SaaS and mobile technologies, sport, performance apparel and equipment, non-profit, management consulting, real estate development and the outdoor sector, I draw upon varied learnings and perspectives to assist you.

I most enjoy helping early to mid-stage outdoor and sports-focused companies expand and grow. If this sounds like you, let’s chat!


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Providing direction or perspective for yourself or others requires an ability to see a discrepancy, develop and create understanding and ultimately cut through to simplicity, and solutions. A mindset that can think in this strategic manner takes time to develop, contains uncomfortable learnings along the way and requires a diversity of experience. It’s this skilled thinking process that I bring to your challenge or problem.
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I’ve made a habit of cultivating a diverse network of great people from around the world. First, because it’s something I enjoy and second because one connection from years prior can be of great value for a problem you’re trying to solve today. When you start to look at your network within this broader context, you appreciate that any person can play a role in your success, and vice versa.
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Whether in business or life, it’s in the execution of your ideas, strategies or plans where the rubber meets the road. It’s where your product or service ‘tests’ can be validated and where answers, be it through failures or successes, are found. Execution isn’t always smooth, or within the time frame you expect or want,
but when combined with consistency
results follow.


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